Nontechnical? No problem!

I teach you how to break into tech

using the experience you already have 🚀

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Hi, I’m Michelle!

I created this page, a podcast and bunch of resources to help you break into tech using your amazing experience.

Now before you tell me:

Michelle but I don’t think my experience is good ENOUGH to get me into tech“😩

Let me tell you something 👇

I personally leveraged my 3 year experience working in retail and a call center to help me break into Amazon as an Analyst and I went on to become a Program Manager at AWS.

I have also coached and taught thousands professionals from various fields since 2019 and guess what?

They also replicated my process! 90% of my 1:1 practice broke into aligned, 80k and 100k+ jobs in tech using the experience they already had 🤩

❌ Without getting another degree, certifications or learning how to code ❌

Safe to say – in the past 7 years, I’ve learned lots of career concepts that can help YOU achieve the same and more.

Are you ready? Let’s get you into tech 🚀

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